Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Job hunting

While working on an application today I came across something that I've never seen before: in filling out info about previous jobs they asked about my favorite and least favorite things I liked about those positions.

In each of the jobs it was easy to say what was my least favorite thing was. In my Office Assistant job it was taking inventory, volunteering at the library it's pulling holds and shelving materials in the "easy" section (which is only called the "easy" section because it's easy reading), and in my Temporary Janitor job it was getting gum out of the carpet.

(It wasn't the process of removing gum that I didn't like, it was the fact that somehow gum made it onto the carpet instead of into the trash can. TWICE, in fact, during the one month I worked there. That and the discovery of a potted plant that was being used as a trash can really irritated me.)

And as for my favorite things about my previous jobs, that was almost as easy. For my Office Assistant job it was my coworkers, and in my volunteer position it is getting to mend books. But as for my Janitor job...I had to think about that.

It's not that I couldn't think of anything I liked. It was because I couldn't decide what I liked best.

1) Should I put down that I loved the people I was around?
2) Or how about that I loved being around books? (The job was at my local library.)
3) Maybe it should be that I loved being helpful at my all time favorite place in the whole entire world?

After a little thought I put down idea number three. :)


Judy said...

As long as it is your all time favorite place, you did good...good luck in your job search...

Toriz said...

Good luck with the job hunting. :)