Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rattie ♥

I ♥ my ratties. It's so much fun to see their different personalities!

*More likely to give kisses
*More likely to crawl inside my clothes
*Generally more adventurous

*More likely to get into trouble climbing things
*More likely to find a hidey hole and hang out there
*When she does get adventurous, she gets adventurous!

I can often tell who's who just by their actions alone, without even looking at their distinguishing features. Then again, they do sometimes surprise me. Such as when Sabine spent at least half an hour inside my sweatshirt a couple days ago. It's true that she's the one who is more likely to find a hidey hole, but it's Beka who normally likes to hang out inside my clothes.

And then a few days ago I found this video...

I am now teaching them "walk". We've had three training sessions spread over three days so far. I don't know if they've yet connected my saying "walk" to what I want them to do, but they've figured out what's up (heh heh) when I hold a treat over their heads.

Sabine was actually somewhat resistant to the training at first and I had figured that she might not learn the tricks, but last night she caught up with Beka. Maybe she'd learned from watching her sister? I don't know.

What's cute is when they go after the cup that I keep their treats in while I'm training them. Naughty naughty ratties!


Toriz said...

Cute! I love rats (I only don't have one because my hubby doesn't like them for some strange reason, and because he'd need to give me a hand with cage cleaning it's not fair on him). Rats are really smart!

Sarita Rucker said...

Yes they are really smart. And delightful. :)