Monday, December 26, 2011

The holidays

In no particular order of events I am going to share some photos and talk about Yule and Christmas!

Roasting marshmallows

As usual, we kept a firing going all through the longest night. We started the fire in our outside fire pit, but moved it inside at about 8:30 or 9pm.

Yes, we did roast marshmallows. Yummm.

Toasty feet

I kicked off my shoes and warmed my feet by the fire. (I stole Tall One's chair to do this, but we'll overlook that little detail.) The fire, by the way, was kept up by Tall One. He is our official fire tender. Not to be confused with fire tinder.

A box

I had intended to save The Belly Dancer's present for Christmas, but her presents were there to see as soon as I opened her package. So I got them a little after Yule, but before Christmas. The one I've shared here is a beautiful box that is in the shape of a book with a cat curled up on top of it. The Belly Dancer knows me well. :)

Kokopelle under the tree

Christmas Eve. All the presents were under the tree, and the kitty was also under the tree. In this photo you can see that he's right under a lovely ornament that says "Christmas is love."

Mix Stix

I saw these and knew that I had to get them for Tall One. They are cooking spoons at one end and drum sticks at the other. This gift had me so excited. I'd actually already bought him something (essential oils) but went ahead and bought him these as well.

A book

My boyfriend "Murray" took me to a bookstore for me to pick out my Christmas present today. I wanted to get this last year but it was about $90. By now it is a much more reasonable price (the same thing has come out in color at $99 whereas mine is black and white, so I think that's why), so I asked him to get it for me.

The book is all of the Bone nine graphic novels by Jeff Smith in one big book. Which is rather bulky, but cheaper than buying them individually, and it's just plain AWESOME!

Murray also bought me Rose by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess, and the book of Sappho poetry The Love Songs of Sappho translated by Paul Roche.

I love my boyfriend. :)

Tank Up mug

Murray loves his caffeine, so I got him a mug with a fuel gauge on the side that turns red as it is filled with hot liquids. Hot liquids such as, say, coffee or tea.

Of course I got and gave more than this, but these are the highlights that come to my mind immediately.


Toriz said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays; glad to hear it! :)

Sarita Rucker said...

It definitely was a good time.