Thursday, December 29, 2011

Made me laugh

I love it when I read my old diaries and they make me laugh.

One day in March 2008 I was at my Community College and there were some other students filming a movie right outside my classroom. I really didn't want to get in the way, but I also needed to get to my class, and there was no way to get to my classroom without going right across their set. They didn't seem to be filming at that precise moment, so I darted across the set as quickly as I could.

And someone called me a bitch for it.

Mug of coffee :)
I laughed then, and I laugh now. It's too outrageous for me to even get offended. They were between me and my classroom, and I was in the wrong for wanting to attend class? Oh come on. Maybe they should have waited until there wasn't a class in progress in our classroom? Or found somewhere else to shoot?

Then on my 19th birthday, which was also in March 2008, I realized that I may have become a regular at a coffee place on campus. I figured this out when the guy taking my order asked me "Do you want a small white chocolate mocha with whip cream?" That's precisely what I'd been going to request. And it's what I had been drinking all term.

I was slightly sheepish to realize that I had become one of "them"... a regular customer whose tastes are known by the baristas.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I love those moments, too. Not the ones when people call me a bitch lol, but the memories that make me giggle. It's one of the reasons why I like reading old entries.

White chocolate mocha, yum!

Toriz said...

I love those moments you can look back on and laugh at! :)

Toriz said...

By the way - speaking as one who has spent some time doing a media course - I don't get what their issue was; it's easy enough to remove a small piece of footage (like someone running in front of the camera) from something. And we always did a scene a couple of times then picked the best version to use anyway... Filled an entire tape with bits that ended up just becoming a 30 minute advert for a soft drink we made up.

Sarita Rucker said...

Magaly -- Yes, yummy. :)

Toriz -- A 30 minute advert? Or did you mean a 30 second advert? And I don't know, maybe he hadn't learned how to edit, or maybe he was lazy. Or maybe he was in a bad mood.

Toriz said...

I meant second, LOL!

Sorry; my laptop's playing up so I'm trying to get through blogs quickly and I guess making mistakes... *Looks a bit embarrassed*

Anyway, could be any of those, but if he hadn't learned to edit then he hadn't been paying much attention in class, because it was one of the first things we were taught (I only ended up in the class for a few months and had learned it). Still, I guess it's not beyond the realm of possibility. He could have been nicer about it though.

Toriz said...

P.S. if that comment had obvious mistakes, blame my attempts at getting caught up before the laptop decides to go on strike again.