Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Foolish Heart ♥

This song is for Murray.

For years I've related so much better to songs about unrequited love, it took me a while after getting together with Murray to finally track down a song that might properly express about how I'm feeling.

I have a history of crushes not lasting more than two weeks, so I was uncertain how long my feelings for Murray would last. As such I was pretty unsure of myself to begin with, and although I wouldn't have worded my thoughts exactly how the song does it's pretty close. know, when I was a teenager a friend told me that if I didn't get a boyfriend (and experience) soon that when I became an adult no one would want me. "I date for the experience," she told me. I guess she didn't know about men like Murray, who is amazed and I guess honored that I chose him to be my first.

Oh sorry, did I start rambling? Yeah, I can get slightly distracted and lose track of what I was saying/doing when thinking about him. :)


Madam Lost said...

Interesting version. I had a hard time focusing since the full chorus barbershop version kept drifting into my head during the musical interludes and overpowering the soloist. Didn't you used to sing this?

Toriz said...

I think this is a really nice post; hope you and Murry have a long and happy relationship!

Sarita Rucker said...

Mom -- Yes, my choir sang this.

Toriz -- I expect we will! :)