Friday, December 9, 2011

Our tree

I took photos of our Christyule tree and decided to share here.

Christyule: a combination of Christmas and Yule. My family celebrates both, and I don't want to call our tree a "holiday tree" (there is a time and place to be politically correct, but not in the home I think!) so I made up a word. :)

The angel on top of our tree

Cross stitch ornament saying "Peace on Earth" that I made several years ago.

A sleepy squirrel.

Kermit. I think he's my mom's favorite thing on the tree.

My mom's angel.

Years ago someone in our Girl Scout troop made angels for/of everyone. You can't tell in this lighting, but the hair on mom's angel is gray.

The angel for/of me. You can tell because the hair isn't gray.

As I recall, there was one Christmas where the angels of/for mom and myself fell off the tree. So I guess we're fallen angels.

An ornament with my old school shield on it. (It's different now.)

Perhaps my favorite. It's a star that a friend made when I was younger.

The star seems somehow Pagan to me. :)

The tree, in all its glory!


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Judy said...

Great ornaments...

Sarita Rucker said...

Thanks. :)

Toriz said...

I love your name for your tree. We call ours a holiday tree, but not to be politically correct; just because it's easier.