Saturday, December 24, 2011

Um...I love you mommy?

Two days ago my boyfriend called me and said "I just got paid! What do you want for Christmas?" After few seconds of thought I said, "How about Bone books by Jeff Smith?" I fell in love with those graphic novels over a year ago but only have the first one.

Just an hour or so later my mom came home carrying a bag from Powell's Bookstore. Of course I was excited, but then a terrible suspicion arose in me. "Um, mom, you didn't get me any of the Bone books did you?" "I'm not telling you!" "It's just, they're what I told my boyfriend I'd like to have..."

And that is how I found out mom will be giving me Bone books 1 through 3 for Christmas. And yes I already have a copy of the first one, but it's beaten up (remind me to tell that story another time...and it's all mom's fault) (well, mostly) so I guess mom decided to get me another copy of it.

I quickly messaged my boyfriend and told him not to buy me books 1-3.

Then yesterday he proposed the idea of taking me to a bookstore on Monday to let me pick out my own Christmas present.

So now mom's slightly irritated (but taking it in good humor) that I know what she's giving me for no good reason, since by the time that the boyfriend takes me book shopping it'll be after I've opened presents Christmas morning.

It seems like the best, maybe the only, way to respond is "Um...I love you mommy?"

ps. Yes, I think I will properly introduce my boyfriend soon. I just need to talk to him and figure out what his nickname should be.


Carrie said...

lol. Similar circumstances occurred at my house this year: My husband and I found out what ALL of our gifts from each other were completely by accident. Both of us would start to purchase something that the other had already wrapped up and put under the tree... We ended up just opening everything three days early. It was still a pretty awesome Christmas just proved that we got exactly what we wanted!

Hope you have a fantastic holiday, Sarita!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh well, these things happen! Either way, you scored big on books!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas/Yule!

Toriz said...

These things happen. And, for the record, "I love you," and a sweet smile usually makes things OK! ;)

Sarita Rucker said...

Carrie -- Oh dear. :)

Debra -- Yes, I got some awesome books!

Toriz -- Yep.