Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A guy asked me some interesting questions at work. He didn't seem too sure of how to get to the point, and I think he was a little nervous, so he sort of stumbled around a bit before getting to the point.

"Do you guys have books like Powell's* or the libraries downtown? Or do you ban some books? Do you have books about New Age and other religions?"

I told him to ask a librarian.**

In retrospect maybe I should have said "I'm a Pagan, and we darned well better not be banning books!"

*A local awesome bookstore. If you ever visit Portland, go to the Powell's bookstore downtown. It's giant. Humongous. Amazing. :)

**FYI, some people think that anyone who works at a library is a librarian. This is not true. A librarian has a master's degree in library science, and most people in a library don't have that...it doesn't take a grad school graduate to shelve books, check in/out books, take out the trash, etc.


Toriz said...

*Chuckles* well, he got there in the end.

I knew that; I know someone else who works in a library and isn't a librarian. She wants to be one though.

Sarita Rucker said...

At any rate, he found out who to ask: a librarian.