Monday, January 9, 2012

A miracle of life

First I would like to acknowledge that today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. They didn't do anything particularly special though, unless you count mom taking dad out to lunch at Burgerville (it was her first time there and she went on my recommendation...eeps!) and then getting sick when the food disagreed with her. Ouch.

But, they have been married for a quarter of a century now!

So, on to this minor miracle of life...

One of my mom's coworkers, who I will call Proud Grandad, lost three unborn grandbabies in the last two years. I blogged about the first one on July 30th, 2010. That was to be the couple's first child, and they lost it two weeks before the due date. Then the next year one of his other sons lost twins earlier on in the pregnancy.

I can only imagine how Proud Grandad, and everyone else in the family, felt.

BUT, when my mom got to work today she heard the good news: the couple who lost what was to be their first child had a baby last Saturday.

Mom, and her coworkers, didn't even know about the pregnancy. The couple didn't even tell Proud Grandad until it was 5 months along, and then asked him not to tell others about it.

Any new life is a miracle, but after the family lost three babies this seems particularly miraculous.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Silver Anniversary to your parents! And congrats to Proud Grandad and his family -- boy, will that baby be the centre of attention!

Madam Lost said...

Your entry was correct when posted. However, I think the illness and my lunch are not related since I am running a mild fever. Lunch was wonderful and your dad bought me a small bag of M&M's. Yum.

Toriz said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! :)

That's wonderful news about the baby; as someone who has been trying for a few years now to have one, I can imagine how happy they must be with their new little miracle... Especially after the losses the family has suffered in the past couple of years!