Saturday, January 21, 2012


Book cover
About a week ago I picked up a book titled Who Moved My Mouse: A Self Help Book for Cats (Who Don't Need Any Help) by Dena Harris. It was quite an amusing read.

There is a quiz in it to determine what type of cat any feline is. I took this test for myself, and although some of my results were almost a little iffy (a few points off from being something else entirely) my result was SEBR: Snuggler, Eager, Bold, Rebel. The description for the SEBR purrsonality type is as follows:

"SEBR/DISCIPLINARIAN: This kibble had better be good or I'm gonna put da hurt on some humans."

And there you are. That's the kind of kitty I am.


Toriz said...


Did you do it for your cats? That would be a good way to determine its accuracy, I think. I mean, you know what kinds of kitties they are, so comparing it to the test results would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Sarita Rucker said...

Hmm, I could try...although some of the questions include what we think of pictures, and I don't think my kitties would have any interest in them.