Sunday, February 26, 2012

Library donor event = Fun

My library has an annual donor event that I attend yearly, since my family donates money. It's fun to see people who I don't often see, eat some good food, and hear some good music. I look forward to it every year.

The first time I attended, however...I did not feel so comfortable.

I was supposed to be selling Girl Scout cookies that evening, but for some reason mom had to swing by the library before dropping me off for my cookie selling shift. Unfortunately, she got tied up at the library, which meant that I was also stuck there.

People started arriving, and they were dressed nicely. Whereas me...well, I was dressed in my Girl Scout uniform. Which was nice and tidy, but it felt out of place. I was told that I was welcome to mingle, eat goodies, and watch the musicians. But I didn't.

Instead, I started browsing the book shelves. And what did I find?

I found my first explicit romance novel. Mom says that my eyes were oh so big that evening. And ok, if you must know, it was Love Me Forever by Donna Fletcher.

Since that first time I've spent less time reading and more time enjoying the event itself. Although I have had a knack for finding books in the wrong place, and books that needed mending. So, obviously, I've still been spending time looking at books. But I haven't found anything quite as eye opening as I did that first time. ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lessons in life

There's a lesson I learned last spring break, and paper cuts received during my new job has reminded me of it.

Last spring I was testing gravity (it worked!) and got my hand scraped up. I was five hours from home visiting my friend The Belly Dancer at the time so I asked to use her Neosporin, and was pretty shocked to find out that all she had around the house was soap, water, and band aids.

I was used to washing a cut initially, using a band aid maybe, putting some Neosporin on it, and the cut still getting mildly infected at times. In truth, I've done it a few times since then.

But with that particular scrape I made a point of keeping it clean and having a band aid over it during the day, though I don't think I bothered with a band aid at night. And guess what? It healed up nicely, with no infection. I was quite surprised.

Moral of the story: Keeping a scrape clean and covered is more important than using fancy things like Neosporin. Although the Neosporin can also help, I think. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

World history crash course

The vlogbrothers (who I've posted about before) are now doing a crash course on history and science. I personally find the history bit more interesting, and wanted to share the latest bit, which happens to be on Egypt.

Yes, it's very visually oriented, which I know is bad news for people who can't see. But I hope everyone can enjoy it regardless. :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red Red Robins

I came home sick from work this morning, spent most of the day in bed, and when I finally got up again I saw lots and lots of robins. Which of course reminded me of a song that I just had to share with you.

...and of course I was referring to the first song there, not the second. Although this isn't quite the version of the song that they've got on their CD that they mentioned. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My man

Due to schedules and whatnot we're celebrating Valentine's on Saturday. That's probably a good thing, considering that I'm sick today. :( But, I can still talk about him here. :)

Murray has asked me rather often why I've chosen him. (I could ask him the same thing. Oh wait, I have.) I still can't say exactly why I love him. Who can say exactly why they love? But because of his asking I did eventually put together a list of things I love about him. Here's an abridged version of it. Abridged because I don't want to sound too sappy.

* He's fun to talk to
* He has a wicked sense of humor
* He makes me laugh
* From the day we first met I could talk to him about my spiritual practices...not that I start talking religion whenever I meet anyone new, but our first real conversation was about religion (since we found that we're both Pagan) and his time in Iraq
* He's geeky
* He reads me surprisingly well, a fact that surprised me more than once before we got really close (of course I couldn't let him go! lol)
* I can't help but smile when I see him

Ok, so that last one might actually be a result of being in love, not something that makes me love him. And believe me, I have tried to keep myself from smiling like an idiot when he comes into sight. Yet somehow I can't quite manage it.

Oh, and I guess that it doesn't hurt that he's (exactly) twice my age. I do like older men. ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012

How potentially embarrassing

I created an e-mail account for grandma (so that I could create a Facebook page for her so that relatives/friends can keep up with her) which I set up so that I would get the e-mails on my iPhone. Unfortunately it's also set up so that I can send e-mails from that account on my iPhone... And I have given the the password to my mom.

Why is this potentially embarrassing? I sent a very personal e-mail to my boyfriend (DON'T ASK) and because I had just been looking one of Facebook's many e-mails to my grandma (Facebook thinks that because that account gets used only rarely that it needs to send her notifications about things like me updating my status) on my iPhone it decided to send it from her account. And he responded, not seeming to realize that it wasn't from my regular e-mail addy. So if mom had decided to check in on that e-mail account yesterday (unlikely) she could potentially have stumbled across our private e-mail conversation without realizing what it was. I don't know who would have been more embarrassed.

I deleted that e-mail conversation (which was probably unnecessary since I told mom about this and she has no desire to read any personal e-mails between my boyfriend and me) and will be more careful in the future.


(And I knew I'm using parentheses way too much. It's a mark of the fact that I don't have much time to edit, and/or that this isn't a good writing day for me.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

An (alleged) deranged coyote

In the last week I've started hearing strange animal noises outside my home. It usually sounds like a dog attempting (and failing) to mimic a cat. I heard the same sounds about this time last year, and I'm pretty sure that it's a coyote we're hearing. I generally think it's pretty neat to hear it/them, but I was unamused last night.

After staying home sick yesterday I needed my sleep. (Mom: no need to point out that I got to bed at midnight and would leave for work the following day -- today -- at 7:30am. I know my bedtime ought to be earlier.) So I was not pleased to realize that I had insomnia. I was getting tired of not being too tired, and even wondered if I should just give up and do something productive with my time. Like writing in my book blog.

At 3am I did finally get to sleep, only to be woken up minutes later by a deranged coyote making sounds like it was being tortured. The deranged canine sounded like it must have been right outside, although I didn't see it when I looked.

So imagine: you've finally gotten to sleep after lying in bed for hours, and then are jolted awake by something that sounds like it's dying, or would prefer to be dying. Due to the timing I'm pretty sure that someone "up there" was playing with me, yet I somehow managed to be unamused at the time.

(I would like to note that I know it was just minutes after I'd fallen asleep because I was listening to an audio book, and I can tell you exactly where I drifted off and where I was woken up. There is maybe three minutes difference between the two locations.)

I still want to know what induced the animal to make that sort of sound. It didn't sound like a fight...I've heard animal fights before, and I know what they sound like: they're generally two sided. This wasn't. I know coyote mating season occurs about now, however, so I wonder if it could have been the coyote version of talking dirty? I've heard that some animals make the most horrible sounds when mating or in heat... In any event, dad had told me about hearing a similar sound (presumably from a coyote) in the last week, so I guess they're fond of sounding like poor tortured souls on occasion.

Amazingly, considering the night I had, I didn't feel too bad when I went to work today. I was even wide awake after I had my coffee.

I just hope that the deranged coyote doesn't pay me another visit tonight. One rude awakening like that will last me quite a while.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Knotty Valentine's

I found (or actually Mrs. B. found, and shared on Facebook) a YouTube video on how to make a Celtic heart knot, and just wanted to share it here.