Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lessons in life

There's a lesson I learned last spring break, and paper cuts received during my new job has reminded me of it.

Last spring I was testing gravity (it worked!) and got my hand scraped up. I was five hours from home visiting my friend The Belly Dancer at the time so I asked to use her Neosporin, and was pretty shocked to find out that all she had around the house was soap, water, and band aids.

I was used to washing a cut initially, using a band aid maybe, putting some Neosporin on it, and the cut still getting mildly infected at times. In truth, I've done it a few times since then.

But with that particular scrape I made a point of keeping it clean and having a band aid over it during the day, though I don't think I bothered with a band aid at night. And guess what? It healed up nicely, with no infection. I was quite surprised.

Moral of the story: Keeping a scrape clean and covered is more important than using fancy things like Neosporin. Although the Neosporin can also help, I think. :)


Toriz said...

I never use anything special on cuts; I think the more you mess with them, the worse they get, so agree with the "keep it clean and covered" plan. It works for me (and believe me, I have plenty of oppertunities to test it, since I'm often managing to find ways to cut myself... And I don't mean intentionally; it's an occupational hazzard of being blind, I think).

~Haley~ said...

My doctor told me that is the BEST way to care for cuts/scrapes. Neosporin actually keeps it moister and doesn't let it heal. Ever since he told me that, I always heal quickly & have less of a scar it seems!