Sunday, February 26, 2012

Library donor event = Fun

My library has an annual donor event that I attend yearly, since my family donates money. It's fun to see people who I don't often see, eat some good food, and hear some good music. I look forward to it every year.

The first time I attended, however...I did not feel so comfortable.

I was supposed to be selling Girl Scout cookies that evening, but for some reason mom had to swing by the library before dropping me off for my cookie selling shift. Unfortunately, she got tied up at the library, which meant that I was also stuck there.

People started arriving, and they were dressed nicely. Whereas me...well, I was dressed in my Girl Scout uniform. Which was nice and tidy, but it felt out of place. I was told that I was welcome to mingle, eat goodies, and watch the musicians. But I didn't.

Instead, I started browsing the book shelves. And what did I find?

I found my first explicit romance novel. Mom says that my eyes were oh so big that evening. And ok, if you must know, it was Love Me Forever by Donna Fletcher.

Since that first time I've spent less time reading and more time enjoying the event itself. Although I have had a knack for finding books in the wrong place, and books that needed mending. So, obviously, I've still been spending time looking at books. But I haven't found anything quite as eye opening as I did that first time. ;)