Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My man

Due to schedules and whatnot we're celebrating Valentine's on Saturday. That's probably a good thing, considering that I'm sick today. :( But, I can still talk about him here. :)

Murray has asked me rather often why I've chosen him. (I could ask him the same thing. Oh wait, I have.) I still can't say exactly why I love him. Who can say exactly why they love? But because of his asking I did eventually put together a list of things I love about him. Here's an abridged version of it. Abridged because I don't want to sound too sappy.

* He's fun to talk to
* He has a wicked sense of humor
* He makes me laugh
* From the day we first met I could talk to him about my spiritual practices...not that I start talking religion whenever I meet anyone new, but our first real conversation was about religion (since we found that we're both Pagan) and his time in Iraq
* He's geeky
* He reads me surprisingly well, a fact that surprised me more than once before we got really close (of course I couldn't let him go! lol)
* I can't help but smile when I see him

Ok, so that last one might actually be a result of being in love, not something that makes me love him. And believe me, I have tried to keep myself from smiling like an idiot when he comes into sight. Yet somehow I can't quite manage it.

Oh, and I guess that it doesn't hurt that he's (exactly) twice my age. I do like older men. ;)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Valentines Day, you two crazy lovebirds!

Toriz said...

Sweet post, and great reasons. I expect you could list things for ages though? ;)

(I prefer older men too; I'm 27, my hubby is a couple of months off his 41st birthday).