Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My new home

I should be doing homework, but am having trouble focusing... Maybe the fact that I wrote so little during the last few months had more to do with not going to school than with my full time job.

Today is my first full day in a new place. How has it gone so far?

I hit the snooze for an hour.

I took a bath since I don't have a shower curtain yet. (Kokopelle wasn't sure what to make of a tub full of that wet stuff.)

I had pop tarts for breakfast. (My dinner last night was soup (stolen from my parent's pantry) that I ate right out of the pot at the stove since I didn't have a bowl or place to sit.)

I got a duplicate key made and bought nails. I also stopped by a second hand store where I got a floor mat for the bathroom and silverware, since I didn't have any forks.

I dropped by my mom's office at our library...burst into tears, and she drove me home.

I set up the electrical bill to come to me instead of my landlady, and I set up internet. (Somehow it's cheaper to buy cable, add internet, then cancel cable in a few weeks. Weird, but ok...)

Now I'm at my parent's home to do homework since they have a printer and anyways I don't have a work space set up yet.

So that's my first full day in my new place...up to 4:30.

Oh, and I also didn't have lunch until I got to my parent's home...about an hour ago. It's not that I have no food...but I don't have much, and I haven't gotten to go grocery shopping yet.

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Toriz said...


If it makes you feel better, we spent the first week with only a cup each, a knife, the dog's things, and a sofa to take turns sleeping on when we moved here... All our stuff was at the old place. We ate really badly too!