The "cast"

The people in my blog! 

My teddy bear Murray

My awesome awesome boyfriend. We met at school. I'm not sure how to describe him briefly, though I make an attempt to do so in this post.

He chose the nickname Murray, which happens to be the name of a teddy bear I've slept with since I was a preteen. Not that he knew that when he picked the name.

Tall One

My younger brother. He's a student at PCC, though he hasn't figured out what his major is yet.

He's a musician too. He plays the Highland Bagpipes, the shuttle pipes (also a kind of bagpipe), piano, drums, and he's sung in some choirs. He is highly competitive on the bagpipes, which means that he competes a lot and I get to tag along to hear great music.

I call him Tall One here because, well, he is tall!


She's an accountant in a library, which is really cool. It means that I can shoot her an e-mail saying "Hey, will you bring home such and such book for me?" whenever I want a book.

She taught me to love camping when I was little; she was my Girl Scout troop leader, and we often went on camping trips. Coincidentally, it always rained, even when the forecast had been nice and clear. We used to joke that the rain gods loved her.


He used to be an electrical engineer. He was forced into retirement when I was in my early teens by post polio syndrome. Yep, you heard that right. Once you've "recovered" from polio you really haven't -- it can come back to haunt you later in life. He spends the majority of his time in bed, thanks to the post polio.

His hobby is amateur radio, and he has a lot of fun with it.


Grandma has lived in Texas her whole life, but due to health problems came to temporarily live with my family in Oregon during spring 2011. I got to see my grandma for the first time since I was a baby, but it was bittersweet because her mind was going so I couldn't get to know her properly.

She now lives in a memory care facility that is really nice (it's the kind of place I would want someone to put me!) and they're taking better care of her than we can.


Kokopelle, helping me spin yarn
My baby. Well, that's what I call him, anyways. He's my kitty. He was a stray that my mom brought home when I was about 17, and who wound up staying with us. He looks a lot like Socks, except that he doesn't. He's black with some white, the same as Socks, but everything about him is different. I could probably go on and on about him...

I named him after the Native American god Kokopelli.


Beka with a contraband acorn
Beka is a rat I adopted in early August 2011. She's a very adventurous girl, but due to a dyslexic moment I named her after shy Beka Cooper in Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper quartet. I guess I could have renamed her, but I didn't.

I also brought home one of Beka's litter mates, and of the two Beka was the first to climb out of her open cage and start exploring. She's the adventurous one.

Sabine Curlywhiskers

Sabine, exercising her climbing skills
Beka's litter mate, who I got at the same time as Beka. She's the shy one, but in a dyslexic moment I thought the breeder told me that she was the bolder one. I named Sabine after a feisty lady knight in Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper quartet. Perhaps that name will embolden her.

She's also named, in a round-about way, after a scent hound in the same book. The hound's name is Achoo Curlypaws. I changed Curlypaws to Curlywhiskers because Sabine's whiskers are slightly more curly than Beka's.


Saphira with an empty wine glass
Dad's cat. We got her about two years before Kokopelle, so I guess I was about 15 at the time. She has a champion bloodline, which means that her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. have won numerous cat shows. Dad named her after the dragon in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance cycle because of her sapphire blue eyes.

Saphira is a princess, and she knows it.


That's Socks on the left
Socks is a cat. My parents got him for me when I was in first grade, and I named him after a cat in a book.

He's technically my cat, but the truth is that he goes to mom just as much as he comes to me. He's black, with just a bit of white. My mom has this thing about liking black cats.


Boris is a cat that I sometimes babysit when his people are out of town. It's a nice job -- I get paid for hanging out with a cat, and I love love love cats.

He's big and white, and he has a loud purr.


My late goldfish. I didn't talk about him much, but he was a pet so I figured I should mention him here. I named him after a certain character in Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus trilogy.