Donating blood

Donating blood is something that is important to me. By the way, the Red Cross emphasizes is that you can help save up to three lives with one donation. I don't like needles, but I'm willing to get poked if it's for a good cause like this.

I started donating after I became a blogger, and I shared with my readers what it was like each time I donated. Below I share a link to each of those posts, along with a little summary of what they're about.

Donating blood -- May 30th, 2009
I'd thought about donating before, and finally decide to just do it. In this post I share my plans to donate to make sure that I don't chicken out.

Brighid -- June 2nd, 2009
Here I talk about donating blood for the first time, and a little about Paganism. You also get to see me have an argument with myself in this post.

Donating blood -- Oct. 1st, 2009
This was my second time giving blood. In this post I tell what happens when you donate, and give some reasons why people should give blood. I also share a little video of a kid who needs blood donations to live.

They want my blood (and probably yours) -- March 6th, 2010
My third time donating! I talk a little about donating, and share a video that shows how easy it is to donate.

Donating blood -- June 18th, 2010
Again I donate blood, and I learn something about the Seventh Day Adventist Christians. I also share the following video.

Your help is needed -- January 24th, 2011
The Red Cross has issued a national appeal for blood because of a sudden shortage due to a major winter snow storm on the east coast. I am unable to donate because I am unwell, but I'm helping to get the word out there.

This and that -- November 6th, 2011
After an agonizingly long time of not feeling well enough to donate blood (generally feeling queasy, at the very least) I donated on Samhain. I was also dressed as a kitty. :)