About me

Here are a few random (or not so random) things about me.

* At Marylhurst University I started off as a music therapy major. I discovered music therapy in fall term 2008, and started the program in fall of 2009. By spring term 2010 I realized that things weren’t going too well and that being a music major was actually squashing my love of music. So, I switched my major to English.

* I have ADHD. It’s part of who I am. It’s a challenge. I mostly have good days, but I also have some bad days when it feels like I can focus on nothing whatsoever. I’ve written several posts about ADHD: In this one I talk about why it’s good to acknowledge challenges rather than deny them, and in this one I finally figure out that ADHD does not define who I am and that there is a difference between saying “I am ADHD” and “I have ADHD.” I also talk about my coping methods for ADHD here and again here.

* I was a homeschooler. I usually don’t think about it since I’m a college girl now, but every so often I meet another former homeschooler or someone asks me where I attended high school. I share why I was homeschooled in this post, and I talk about the special field trips some homeschoolers enjoy in this other post.

* I am a published poet!!! I have a page dedicated to my published poems, and I also have a blog entry from when my first poem was published. I went a little crazy, and I must have been on a sugar high when I wrote it.

* In the past I have suffered from rather nasty anxiety attacks. I blogged about it in an attempt to raise awareness that there is help for people like us. And thanks to Prozac, I rarely have anxiety attacks anymore. And when I do, they aren’t nearly as bad as they were before.

* When I was a teen I realized that I’m Pagan. My spirituality is nature based, and because of this I like to change the header of this blog to match the changing seasons.

* I’ve got Scottish heritage, and the fact that my brother plays the bagpipes ensures that I get to be around Scottish stuff. Every summer for the past several years we (mom, Tall One, and I) have gone to numerous Highland Games located all over the Great Northwest. I have adopted the Oregon tartan as my own, and I explain why in two different posts.

* I like to do stuff with my hands. I do needlework, I make bead buddies, I make jewelry, I do loom knitting, I spin my own yarn, and I sell stuff I make on my online shop Dragonfly’s Laughter.

* I have dyslexia. There are certain definite downsides to it, but it can also make me laugh and it helps me find anagrams occasionally.
* I have a speech disorder that sounds like an accent. Thanks to it, people keep thinking that I'm from another country, and I'm pretty sure that it's FAS (Foreign Accent Syndrome). It keeps life interesting. The speech disorder is due to a head injury I suffered when I was little.

--Last updated/reviewed 10/5/2011