My published poetry

Much to my delight I am a published poet, and I would like to share links to my poems and maybe tell a little about them.


This poem was published in the 2009 April edition of the magazine Cricket, and was my first poem to be published.

I love to do mehndi, which is the art of henna, and so it was only natural that I write a poem about it. I was somewhat amazed that it was accepted for publication, though, and by a magazine like Cricket!

The poem is available to be viewed on the Britannica Online Encyclopedia, but you have to have an account with them to see it. The link I provide above should take you to the poem, unless I am greatly mistaken.

This poem can also be found on EBSCOhost. Just search for my name. :)

A Friendship Ended

This poem was published later in 2009 on

My Fear

This was published at the same time as the previous one, and also on

This poem was inspired by my brother. I was at the pool, but for some reason I wasn't swimming. I was sitting to the side, splitting my time between reading and watching the swimmers (and writing some poetry). I watched my brother dive repeatedly into the pool from the diving board, and thought how amazing that must feel.

Thing is, though, I find myself too scared to dive into the pool even if I'm kneeling at the edge of it. Hence, this poem.


And this one was published at the same time and in the same place as the previous two!

It was inspired by a lit cigarette lying on the ground.